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"Liz Holtan is delightfully ditzy as the actor's girlfriend."

- Princeton  Info

"An unexpected surprise is Liz Holtan, who plays Rally's longtime girlfriend, Deirdre McDavey. Sporting a matronly, floor-length gown, McDavey is immediately open about the fact she's a proud 29-year-old virgin. Slowly but surely, the character transitions from semi-unlikeable and prudish to hysterically psychotic as she longs for the love of deceased philosophers like Socrates."

-Feasterville Trevose Times

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"And we got that terrific Liz Holtan- Louis CK

*Click pic for article


Time Stands Still 

"Liz Holtan gives Mandy an airheaded sweetness that is the stock in trade of many a pretty young blond actress. But Ms. Holtan also knows how to listen onstage. We see her Mandy taking in the barbs launched in her direction, both spoken and unspoken, and weighing their worth. For all her callowness, she’s no bimbo, and her sense of right and wrong is at least as well developed as Sarah’s. It’s a wonderful role, and Ms. Holtan makes it entirely her own."

- NY Times

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"And Liz Holtan, as the popular girl Cath, gives the play a compelling second heroine."

- NY Times

*Click pic for article

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